Thursday, June 21, 2012

you can throw a piece

Golden goblets
the cupboards
held possessions
hung with care 
This is the coolest thing
no, indescribable
there are no words
so don’t say it.
When melancholia hit
there was nothing to do
but sit 
on the edge and cry.
What am I saying
you could throw yourself
off the side
and you did
you almost died.
We spent the night
nursing you
I don’t speak of it much,
do you?
In the morning, 
rode on the back of a motorcycle
to lay in the sun
on a “pay by towel” basis.
Had my picture taken
thank god for glasses
my eyes were shaken.
Threw your hat
into the wake
said goodbye
Take this man
And then alone
just beast and being
was it You who sent
such a prehistoric go-between?
to shake him 
from his reverie
Keep in mind,
guilt and fear
flow from love.
dark and deep
you can throw a piece
but sink the whole ship
if peace is what you seek.
The day my bracelet
snapped off on the stern
I knew something like this 
would happen.

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