Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More "I Remembers"

I remember going to watch my brother’s baseball games in Petit Park.

I remember ordering hot chocolate with my parents at Starbucks and thinking it tasted like coffee.

I remember putting up the Christmas decorations with my mom every first Friday of December.

I remember getting angry when Christmas decorations were put up in shop windows “too early.”

I remember the smell of my old stuffed animals.

I remember jumping on the bed to get tucked in at night and sticking my legs up in the air so my mom could pull my socks off.

I remember stewed cabbage.

I remember spitting stewed cabbage out in a napkin before we had a dog.

I remember my dog wouldn’t eat mushrooms but loved carrots.

I remember taking Daisy on walks before the sun went down.

I remember hopping the fence at the park to hike around the cement flood drains.

I remember the look of our house—all bright and warm with the smell of cooking meat, greeting us when we got home.


  1. We are at the perfect age for nostalgia, just now realizing that all those sweet memories, that seemed so immutable at the time, are gone forever. How'd we get so old?
    Also, Starbucks hot chocolate *does* taste like coffee. Really bad coffee.
    (+10 if you can figure out who this is)

  2. I remember all these things too. Can't wait to see you next week.

  3. I'm bad...I can't figure it out! Who? Who?