Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Remember

Inspired by Joe Brainard’s I Remember…

I remember measuring my height and how fast I was growing by whether or not I could see my head (and then my eyes, and then my lips) in the bathroom mirror while I was sitting on the toilet.

I remember fat lips.

I remember the time my grandma made my bath too hot, and how I’d never let her bathe me after that.

I remember pouring glue into my school desk and letting it dry and peeling it off.

I remember Pink Panther ice cream from the ice cream truck.

I remember how my brother used to pronounce truck, “fruck.”

I remember pop rocks.

I remember not liking English trifles. I still don’t.

I remember being told to close my blinds at night when I changed into my pajamas. I never did.

I remember watching my brother play Nintendo, and waiting for my turn, and when I finally got to play, dying immediately.

I remember sitting by the fire and feeling the stones warm up.

I remember Jordan Gold and the time I wrote him a secret admirer note. I walked over to his house and wrote the address on the front and put a stamp on the envelope so it would look like I’d mailed it.

I remember wanting Sunday school to be over.

I remember not wanting Jesus to come again while I was alive so I’d be sure to have time to get married and have babies.

I don’t remember ever not wanting babies, but I also don’t remember when I realized maybe I don’t want them after all.

I remember pushing the veins in my mother’s hand down with my fingers.

I remember the smell of my parent’s closet. Like boxes of costumes.

I remember turning on the jets in their master bathtub when there wasn’t enough water in the bottom and how the water shot straight up into the air and all over the walls.

I remember crying when my hair was brushed.

I remember crying when I had to wear a dress to the Dodger game.

I remember crying at my fourth birthday party when I didn’t get what I wanted and being ashamed when I saw pictures of that later.

I remember Amy Dilgren calling her mom during the movie portion of my sleepover and how she left before dessert.

I remember my dog jumping up to the counter and eating the corner off my birthday cake.

I remember naptime.

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