Friday, July 9, 2010

No-Wheat, No-Dairy, No-Fun

10 Things I've Noticed When Attempting a Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free Diet

1. Everything I like to eat for breakfast has wheat and dairy in it.

2. Pre-packaged salads at Trader Joe's all contain cheese.

3. People drink espresso because black bowls of watered down coffee are disgusting.

4. Rice-A-Roni contains wheat (?!).

5. It's official. I'm hungry all the time.

6. My brother really enjoys trying to get me to break my diet (and the law).

7. Peanut butter on a spoon is really not as satisfying as an ice-cream sundae.

8. In-N-Out, Protein-Style, with no cheese, and no dressing, is really not as satisfying as an Animal-Style Cheeseburger.

9. If I spent half as much time writing as I've been spending thinking about food, I'd have a semi-decent blog.

10. These last two days have been an entire waste of energy because alas, beer contains wheat.*

*Insert glottal sigh here

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