Saturday, April 3, 2010

Where to Go

My body hurts
Bands of muscle and ligament
Stretch tight and knot and rope around my legs and back.
Hips stiff and crack
They are stuck, not moving forward, can’t move forward.

I decide to try
Just try to decide.
And write lists of which answer is right
No answer is right.
Mountains of ice and green?
Or oak trees and ivy growth?
Seven sisters dance hand in hand
Jewish fellows and Knopf writers.
Oh, New York.
But pioneers and farmers
And eyeless wanderers and marathon runners
Call so loudly.

Not good at math
The money’s not so easy
Is never easy.

Resolve to check out the books
And read, read, read.
Step on the plane
And arrive.

The feeling will come
Oh, what a feeling.

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