Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Go Lightly

Used to joke about the differences,
saying in the newness, the old ones have nothing to talk about now.
What is there to say to those old folks, those people, anyway?
They live far away, in a world of brown,
While I was away,
In my land of green.

I'll pull a Holly,
Walk a mile, then two, 
and never come home again.
I tire myself with the person I've become,
And maybe it would suit us all if I took my judgements
and my big ideas
and threw them in my trunk.
With a broken lock,
they should be easy to lose.
If only someone would come,
if only someone would come and steal
these mean and empty thoughts
away from me.

Angry about nothing,
you've always been so angry.
And we tried, oh we try, 
to make it nice and honestly,
honesty is what you need.

You hide your life away,
for fear, of me?
But it's me you don't know,
and why the silence is audible,
and the noise, it dissipates.

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